Selecting a kindergarten is a very crucial step for both the parent and the child because it is the very first time that the child is being introduced to an academic environment. It should be considered as the very first educational foundation a parent lays for their child. Settling for substandard kindergarten or enrolling a child when they are not properly prepared can scar the future of the child. This choice can be made easier if the parent understands the factors to consider before choosing a kindergarten. This is some of the aspects of mind before making this decision.

Is The Child Ready

Some signs indicate whether the child is ready for kindergarten, for example, if they can go to the bathroom by themselves. Put on clothes and shoes without any assistance, recite and count the alphabet. The ability to spend time alone without the parent of the Guardian nearby and how they get along with other kids. If a child shows all these or some of these signs, then they are ready for kindergarten. If not, the parent should consider other preschool options.

Family’s Needs

The parent is in the best position to know what their child needs, either private or public school, the parent knows their child best and should consider a school that is built on their child’s strengths. Some aspects that should factor in their decision included the proximity of the kindergarten. Availability of a means of transport, special interests like arts, alternative programs, and language. The curriculum structure of the kindergarten, the financial situation of the parent and school amenities such as a gymnasium, a playground and time for physical activities. It should also be of help if the parent can talk to other parents in the community about the school, to find out about the reputation of the kindergarten.

Child Care Option

Several schools offer extra childcare programs to assist working parents before and after school. Other schools that offer full-day kindergarten programs may enroll a child in integrated programs before and after school. In case a parent is not able to find such kind of a school, there is no shame in asking fellow parents in the community to look after their child after school for them.

The Teachers In The Kindergarten

A positive pupil-teacher relationship is important especially for tender ages. Considering that the child will be away from home for such a long time of the day, it is important their relationship with the kindergarten attendant is nurturing. Talk to the current parents at the school to familiarize yourself with the school’s staff before enrolling your child.

Full Day Or Half Day

A child’s learning time will always remain the same on any given day of the week. Therefore, the days a parent chooses to enroll their child into a kindergarten does not matter. However, it is important to help the child prepare for a full day program promptly. A parent can also spare some time to volunteer at the kindergarten if their child is suffering from separation anxiety.