What To Look For In A Preschool Curriculum

Apart from home, preschool is the main arena that shapes a child’s understanding. It is a place where a child can develop their cognitive, socio-emotional, language and arithmetic skills. A robust and proven preschool curriculum creates the foundation for this environment, an environment that will be responsible for your child’s future development learning capabilities. It is important to visit a school to discover the capacities of its learning model. You have the liberty to ask pertinent questions before you enroll your child in a preschool institution. Schools like Wandsworth nursery welcome parents to visit them for assessment. These are some of the elements to look for when you visit.

A Wholesome Approach

It is important to find a school that has a wide array of lessons that tap into various strengths of different children. A good school, like Wandsworth Nursery, is equipped with various classes that draw on the artistic, scientific, as well as technological aspects of children. This way, different gifts can be noted and brought forward in a child. When a child knows what they are good at an early age, they can focus on it and strengthen it, ensuring that they excel in it right from their early years. Ensure you understand the learning model of your school of choice before you make the decision to sign up your child.


Freedom Of Expression

Children learn easily from the objects that are around them. When you place the right objects around them, they can quickly pick up an understanding of various rules of physics. They can later learn the laws that govern the actions they learned as children. For them, to truly learn these sets of physical laws (among others), it is important to let them freely learn. This includes letting them play by themselves. Giving them this freedom enables them to foster cooperation amongst themselves. It also helps them figure out concepts by themselves, making it a more practical experience, rather than being told what is happening without understanding. Schools that have freedom of expression have children playing freely with water colors to create whatever pictures they imagine rather than being told what to draw all the time. These schools do not let children teach themselves, but have a curriculum that allows for this freedom of learning.

Freedom To Play

sdasdasdGoing hand in hand with the freedom of expression is the freedom to play. While some schools have structure both in learning and in play, it is important for you to find a school that lets children be children. Your child is creative in the way they think, and their uniqueness can be taken away if they are always forced to behave in a particular manner. Ensure that the school you choose has time set apart for children to just play freely by themselves. This, of course, does not mean they are left unsupervised but are given the freedom to interact freely and come up with games from the toys around them. Role playing should be encouraged as they can learn the different adult roles in the world.





Tips To Finding The Right Nursery For Your Child

When your child is ready to be enrolled in a nursery school, a parent needs to be ready. Parents usually want the best for their children. Thus they will look for the right schools to enroll their child. If one is starting out for the first time, how do they go about it? Below are some tips that can help a parent in finding the right nursery for their child.

Finding The Right Nursery

Start earlyklzdkssksksksk

It pays to begin the search as early as you can. Preferably a year before your child is enrolled. This will give you enough time to do your research well and decide on a school who’s program will be the best fit for your child. Some schools have a waiting list of parents interested in admitting their children and hence starting early will allow you to secure a place on time at your nursery wandsworth.

Determine your priorities

It is essential for the parent to identify and decide what they are looking for in a school. Some basic things to think about are. One is you looking for a nursery that is near your home or your workplace due to the convenience of dropping and picking your child. Do want a nursery that provides specific hours or days of the service or do you want an all day service. Are you looking for a particular curriculum, what activities do you want your child to be engaged in for instance dance, storytelling. Are you looking for a particular approach to learning, for instance, child-centered learning, teacher-led, child-led, faith- based or any other approach?

The search

One can begin by talking to friend, family, and neighbors who have children in school. Personal reference is the best in getting reputable nursery schools. Do a search of schools around your area using the local directory or conducting an online search. This will help one find schools they can consider to visit as potential choices for their child to enroll.

Visit school

klfkfkdkdkddkdkOnce you have a list of schools that you are considering, plan to visit them. Have some questions ready to be able to get more information? Visiting the school helps one get a sense of what it really is like. Meeting the staff and seeing how they interact with the children will allow you understand how they relate to the children. Questions to ask may include the fee structure, the philosophy of the school, the ratio of teacher to children, the curriculum that is covered, the school hours, meal menu and discipline policy. Observe the atmosphere of the school, do you see your child fitting in the environment. What facilities does the school have for instance, the playground.

Once you identify a nursery, kid test it. Visit the school with your child and see how they interact with the teachers, do they look comfortable are the teachers interested in the child and is your child enjoying themselves. If they do, then you have found the right nursery.…